Decade of warehousing in Los Angeles

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I left pretty abruptly last time we talked. I’m sorry about that. I just didn’t have more time at the moment and I feel like I had said what I wanted to have said.

Anyways, looking back at it, I feel like there are more things to say on the matter. As this is my blog, I choose what I want to write about myself – and as it happens, my time in warehousing in Los Angeles is going to be the topic for this text as well. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

So, where were we? I talked about the fact that I’ve now, after 10 years, left my job managing warehousing in Los Angeles. When we talked last, I told you the story about how I got the job, how it just happened one day 10 years ago. If you missed the last text I wrote, here’s a summary:

Me and some friends went from work to work all over the country. We had a van and we decided to stay in Los Angeles, doing warehousing, for a summer. That was a really, really good summer. The place in Los Angeles that we did warehousing in was the best place we’d worked, out of like 10-12 workplaces. I liked it so much that I decided to stay at the end of the summer. I felt like I wasn’t really done with warehousing in Los Angeles and the people I had met there. I started working as a manager assistant and that’s where I left you last time. So let’s start there!

The assistant role was good. It taught me a lot about warehousing, not to mentioned how much I learned about Los Angeles at the time. I had never been there before. All of my colleagues were born and raised though, so they knew the place. I even got an apartment thanks to my friend Sebastian. Even though I felt like the assistant role, warehousing in Los Angeles, was nothing I wanted for a long time, it was good times. Life was really, really enjoyable at this period of time in my life. I’m 34 years old today, so I hopefully have a few years left. Although I think I might say, when I’m 85, that my time warehousing in Los Angeles was one of the best ones.

What a great decade.